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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-10-29A 1 Year Child with Hydrocephalus: A Case ReportMendhe, Deeplata; Kanholkar, Divyani; Sharma, Ranjana; Gomase, Kavita; Wanjari, Mayur
2021-12-14A 2 Years Child Bronchopneumonia with Down SyndromeYelne, Seema; Wanjari, Mayur; Rodge, Hina; Alwadkar, Sagar; Wankhede, Pratibha; Mendhe, Deeplata
2021-11-27A 2 Years Girls with Nephroblastoma: A Case ReportMendhe, Deeplata; Jiwane, Achal; Sharma, Ranjana; Wanjari, Mayur
2021-12-14Assess the Psychosocial Problem Faced by the Primary Caregivers of Mentally Challenged ChildrenJiwane, Achal; Joshi, Ragini; Kanholkar, Divyani; Kapgate, Shreya; Mendhe, Deeplata
2021-11-12Bilateral Hydronephrosis with Grade 3 To 4 Vesicoureteral RefluxB. Wanjari, Mayur; Rodge, Hina; Mendhe, Deeplata; Wankhede, Pratibha; Late, Sampada
2021-10-30Case of 38 Years old Nulligravida with Primary Infertility with a Known Case of Diabetes Mellitus Came for in vitro FertilizationMendhe, Deeplata; Bombale, Maheshwari; Wanjari, Mayur
2021-12-08A Case Report on Tuberculous MeningitisKapgate, Shreya; Sharma, Ranjana; Mendhe, Deeplata; Wanjari, Mayur
2021-12-14Determining the Role of Psychiatric Nurse for Client Receiving Anti-Psychotic Drugs in IndiaB. Wanjari, Mayur; Mendhe, Deeplata; Wankhede, Pratibha
2021-12-14Guillain Barre Syndrome: A Case Report and Literature ReviewJoshi, Ragini; Mendhe, Deeplata; Wanjari, Mayur
2021-12-08Health Problems among Nurses Due to Flexible Working ConditionsB. Wanjari, Mayur; Mendhe, Deeplata; Wankhede, Pratibha; Late, Sampada
2021-12-14Management of New Born with Harlequin Ichthyosis: A Rare Disease ConditionB. Wanjari, Mayur; Mendhe, Deeplata; Wankhede, Pratibha
2021-12-14Nursing Skill and Responsibility in Administration of Injection ActilyseB. Wanjari, Mayur; Mendhe, Deeplata; Wankhede, Pratibha